Care for Your Bria

Our designs are purposefully created to save time throughout your week with their easy care nature. They are machine washable (saving you a trip to the dry cleaner) and do not require ironing - yippee! 

However, please be sure to care for your garment according to the following guidelines to keep it looking extra sharp for your working week!

  • Machine wash cold, on gentle cycle, please be sure to wash dark colours separately (place with like colours) and for best results wash inside out to better protect your Bria. 
  • No ironing is required after machine wash, simply dry dress on a sturdy hanger and you'll be set to go wrinkle-free! Note that from time to time if you have not followed these guidelines, your Bria may require a light steam (we love using a garment steamer throughout our working week as we find it saves us time!)
  • IMPORTANT - In addition to the above, you must always refer to the care guidelines as outlined on the care label found on the inside of your Bria garment.

Please take care of your Bria garment and note that any damage or reduction in quality caused by not following the recommended care guidelines is at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for actions caused by not following the appropriate care instructions.

If you have any questions regarding care of your Bria, please contact us here.